Der Golem – 31 October


S!nk  perform their original soundtrack to Der Golem

Filmhouse Cinema

31 October ::  8 PM

Tickets £15/ £10 concession.

In their 7th film score commission for Filmhouse, brilliant multi-instrumental trio S!nk return to perform a new live soundtrack to Carl Boese & Paul Wegener’s absorbing silent feature. One of the first horror movies ever made, the film takes us to 16th century Prague, where Rabbi Loew, spiritual leader of the Jewish community, divines from his astrological tables that a disaster is imminent. He decides to summon the dead spirit Astaroth and build the Golem, a huge clay figure which will serve the man who gives it life. Lust drives the initially helpful clay terminator to the perpetration of terrible acts of violence. This may serve as a timely reminder of how, periodically, the embodied hopes of passionate masses manifest a monster to doggedly pursue self-defeating and disastrous consequences.

Five is a powerful number in the mythology of this film and as such provides us with an interesting starting point for compositions exploring the inherent supple power and layered syncopation of five beats to a bar.