Hoy Sound EP Release

Hoy Sound album artwork

Hoy Sound EP 

Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes

Release Party: Saturday 7 December 7pm

Leith Theatre


Sink release their latest EP, Hoy Sound, as part of the RESONATOR festival in their very own Pianodrome on Saturday 7th December.

The trio, who have been creating new music for over a decade, captured this all-improvised recording in collaboration with bassist Matt Webb in the extraordinary acoustic of an empty oil tank at the Lyness Naval Base in Hoy, during a five day ‘Resonancy’ on the island.

Sink’s second official release, the EP presents a haunting sonic response to the luxurious wash of the 20-second natural reverb defined by the cavernous space inside the giant empty oil tank. Listeners can hear the crunching of footsteps on the rusty floor and crashes of metal pipes along with bells, acoustic and electric bass, voice, viola, soprano saxophone, accordion and sanzula used by the band in their improvisations.

Prize winning author Alice Albinia first commissioned the work as research for her forthcoming book The Britannias (Penguin), which she describes as a portrait of Britain told through its islands. At the launch party Alice will read from the first chapter which documents her explorations of the many Neolithic chambered cairns to be found on the Orkney Isles. Projection artist Mettje Hunneman, who took part in the Hoy Resonancy, will also present the world premiere of a new 25 minute film to accompany the online release of Hoy Sound.