Edinburgh album launch

S i n k album launch poster

At long last, the Edinburgh release of our debut album ‘Ossicles’ is upon us

Taking over the top floor of the recently opened Biscuit Factory in Leith, SiNK will be playing music developed from improvisations on our new album, along with old favourites and some brand new songs.

We’ve also invited our good friends Kate Young, Graeme Miller, Sven Werner and Isaac Jackson to support.

Friday 27th November | 7.30pm
The Biscuit Factory 
4-6 Anderson Place
£5 on the door – CDs and vinyl sold at special launch price

Let us know you’re coming and invite friends on the Facebook event

More about the night

Combining virtuosic fiddle playing with electronics and haunting vocals, Kate Young takes traditional music and spins it into a universe entirely of her own making.

Graeme Miller (Cracks in the Concrete) and Sven Werner (Tales of Magical Realism) will create an experimental, ever-evolving, pulsing acoustic sound piece using a pyramid of piano harps, horsehair loops and beaters.


Isaac Jackson sees sounds. Responsible for the syn-aesthetic sound painting appearing on our poster, Isaac will be presenting work from his ongoing collaboration with SiNK. Translating sounds from the Ossicles album into his own visual language, a pilot animation will be premiered on the night.


L’Age D’Or – Live Film Score

In 2014 sink collaborated with Newcastle based NoizeChoir to create a new score for Luis Bunuel’s classic collaboration with Salvador Dali – L’Age D’Or.

Moko & Loupe – Original Soundtrack

Full version here (offsite)

Moko & Loupe is a short comic film about friendship at the frayed ends of a world that’s coming undone. It was written by Adrian Hornsby for Tim Vincent-Smith and Quinn Comendant, and filmed together in London and the Isle of Sheppey in 2012. It premiered with sink performing the music live in the Summerhall Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Edinburgh in 2013. Many live screenings have followed.

Live Intercontinental Improvisation

As part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Sink hosted a live intercontinental collaboration with Free Variety Theatre linking musicians in Edinburgh, New York and Marseille in real time before a live audience in Edinburgh.

As part of the show Sink performed a piece of improvised music with Tim and Leon (Violin and Sax) in Edinburgh and Daniil (accordion) in New York.

Archive of earlier shows


Sat 30 May – Fire in the Mountain Festival, Near Aberystwyth, Wales
Tue 2nd June – The Prince Albert, Stroud
Wed 3rd June – Albion Beatnik Bookshop, Oxford
Thu 4th June – House Show, Oxford
Fri 5th June – Turning Earth, London
Sat 6th June – Cafe Kino, Bristol
Sun 7th June – Earthworm Housing Co-op, Leintwardine


Soundmirror tour poster

Wed 01 Oct :: Adelphi Club, Hull :: w/ This Is The Kit
It’s the legendary underground venue’s 30th birthday!

Thu 02 Oct :: Mello Mello, Liverpool :: w/ Dead Hedge Trio
Sink and Kate Stables will join the Dead Headge Trio for an evening of spontaneous sounds.

Fri 03 Oct :: Antwerp Mansions, Manchester :: w/ Kate Stables & Pascal Maconese

Sat 04 Oct :: Wildgoose Space, Bristol :: w/ Orkney Cavalcade
Glistening solstice celebrations on the Isle of Egilsay gave rise to the Orkney Cavalcade, a small collective of musicians who will delight with their peculiar harmonies and entrancing tunes.

PLUS a special showing of ‘Son of a Sea Turtle’, a film about Moko and Loupe, two friends who are not gay they are just French. In an insane world their lives of coincidental happy abandon start to seem like the veriest sense. With live soundtrack by sink.

Sun 05 Oct :: Cafe Kino, Bristol :: w/ Kate Stables
Kate Stables joins Sink downstairs at Cafe Kino.

Mon 06 Oct :: Dungeness :: Sound Mirror Guerilla Gig
The Sound Mirrors are three enormous air raid early warning systems built during world war two, designed to amplify the distant rumblings of the Luftwaffe. If you’d like to join us on our sonic pilgrimage just turn up some time in the evening. Find out more here.

Tue 07 Oct :: Woodburner, Chats Palace, London :: w/ Goodbye Leopold & Roaman in London

Wed 08 Oct :: The Factory, Neds Housing Co-op, Hedley Street, Nottingham

Thu 09 Oct :: Mining Institute, Newcastle :: w/ Kate in the Kettle

Kate in the Kettle embraces old customs with new ideas, merging sounds from different places and weaving them into their own tune. Whilst drawing upon past folk music traditions, the songs written by Scottish singer and instrumentalist Kate Young are driven by her passion to cultivate public awareness connected to many environmental issues. Help us celebrate the release of Kate in the Kettle’s debut album, ‘Swimmings of the Head’.

Fri 10 Oct :: Inverleith House, Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh :: w/ Kate in the Kettle
A return to home and another Strange Attractor, this time in a magical corner of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Help us celebrate the release of Kate in the Kettle’s debut album, ‘Swimmings of the Head’. This very special evening will take you on a journey of plantlore, musical folklore and other magical things. Dress like your favourite plant or mythical creature.

Friday 23rd May :: This is the Kit + Sink + Rozi Plain :: The Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh
Saturday 24th May :: This is the Kit + Sink + Rozi Plain :: Mining Institute, Newcastle

Kate Stables (This is the Kit) has a beautiful voice. Rozi Plain has a beautiful voice. Kate and Rozi are beautiful and they make beautiful music. Sink are beautiful too in their own way.

All on one bill together at the Pleasance in Edinburgh on 23rd May and the Mining Institute in Newcastle on 24th.

This is the Kit poster Edinburgh

This is the Kit poster Newcastle

Sunday 9th March 7.30pm :: Strange Attractor :: Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh

Yankovsky square

This month featuring performances from Marit and Rona, Various Moons and Tomás Sheridan, plus some extra special short film surprises!

Marit and Rona’s music is playful, borderless and thrilling. It glides from evocative near-classical movements through elegant polskas to buoyant reels, brought to life by Rona’s multi-personality fiddle virtuosity and Marit’s breath-taking mastery of the versatile låtmandola. In 2012 they won the coveted Danny Kyle Award at Glasgow’s Celtic Connections Festival and Rona was named BBC Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year. For Strange Attractor they will be augmenting their traditional set with some improvised experiments!

Various Moons are a loose Edinburgh-based musical collective performing for your delectation and delight the curious and eclectic songs of Colin Donati. They consist of Colin Donati (guitar/vocals) and Robin Mason (cello) with occasional guest appearances on percussion by Hamish Whyte.

Tomás Sheridan is an award winning, UK-based documentary director and producer who uses film to explore human relationships, social change and the place of individuals in a global society. Tomás will be showing and discussing his film Radiostan, which follows the 3500km train line that connects Bishkek in impoverished Kyrgyzstan to Moscow. Made as part of the Cinetrain project this short experimental documentary was shot and edited over a 5week period and went on to win the silver Mikeldi at Zinebi Festival in Bilbao as well as screening at over 20 international festivals.

Sunday 2nd February 7.30pm :: Strange Attractor :: Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh

Sink-o-graph 2

Joining sink this month in our favourite wooden paneled amphitheatre are BEAM and Mairi Campbell along with a very special appearance of Tim Vincent Smith’s harmonograph.

Using vocal looping, found sounds, acoustic guitar, piano and mobile phone apps, BEAM create sonorous soundscapes and alt-folk songs. Accompanied by strings, mandolin and other voices, BEAM will make the dust motes sparkle with close harmonies, deft strings and hypnotic melodies.

Mairi Campbell has a profound ease with her instruments, the viola and her voice, weaving together the ancient, new, elemental and playing with pulse and flow. Mairi will mesmerise with her improvised soundings before giving a short talk on her techniques.

A night of lush new music, a giant drawing machine and surprising audio cross-pollination.

Sunday 26th January 4pm :: Faust :: Filmhouse, Edinburgh


F.W. Murnau’s dark 1926 classic. In an attempt to gain control of the Earth, Mephisto the Devil (Emil Jannings) wagers an angel (Werner Fuetterer) that he can destroy the soul of a kind, elderly professor named Faust (Gosta Ekman). Mephisto brings a devastating plague to the town where Faust lives and kills half of its inhabitants. Faust’s attempts to find a cure are unsuccessful, and he loses his faith in God and science when his prayers go unanswered. He invokes the aid of Satan, and Mephisto agrees to help him, but at a cost…

Screening with live musical accompaniment from s i n k.

Sunday 5th January 7.30pm :: Strange Attractor :: Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh

Photo - Alice Myers

This month s i n k will present a new piece exploring sound and time, devised and co-produced alongside Dundee’s digital guru Tom deMajo.

Also showing will be “Nothing Is Impossible Under the Sun”, a new work on Calais by Alice Myers (IdeasTap Photographic Award 2012). The work incorporates diverse materials such as drawings, writing and sound recordings to shape a complex representation of people who are legally invisible. The resulting fragmented narratives combine with the circular, mechanical inevitability and stuttering light of the analog slide show to evoke the parallel existence to which people without papers are consigned.

Last, but not least, we are delighted to host Ed Dowie. After spending several years composing scores for theatre and short films, Ed joined The Paper Cinema, a puppetry/animation/theatre/music hybrid that tours across Europe and occasionally further afield (as well as in back gardens in North London). In 2012, Ed decided that he would finally return to the music business with his (imaginatively self-titled) solo career, which attempts a fusion of experimental techniques with melodic aspirations.

Sunday 1st December 7.30pm :: Strange Attractor :: Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh

Strange Attractor flyer

Jesters and Gestures

s i n k with special guests harlequin pianist William Pickvance with a sneak preview of antics and animations from his forthcoming Christmas Pianomime, Atzi – pale and inscrutable master of music – leading an all acoustic incarnation of Lipsync for a Lullaby and from Iron Mountain in Manchester, jester, musician and poet Alabaster DePlume. Also featuring a short film made for Alabaster by ex-Edinburgh artist Caroline Williams.

I had to keep laughing or I think my heart would have exploded.
Libby Duffield on Alabaster DePlume

Saturday 30th November :: 8.30pm :: Vauxhall Teahouse Theatre, London

Adrian Hornsby’s comic short film Moko and Loupe premieres in London with s i n k performing a live musical accompaniment. Alabaster DePlume and Timothy Victor’s Folk Orchestra will play too. Click here for details.

Friday 29th November :: 9.30pm :: The Courtyard Theatre, London

At the Courtyard s i n k will perform an intimate acoustic gig with special guest Dave Tunstall (John Langan Band / Orchestra Elastique) joining them on double bass.

Friday 22nd November 7.30pm :: LateLab – Time and Relative Dissonance :: Inspace, Edinburgh

As part of Edinburgh Science Festival’s LateLab Tom Demajo and s i n k will create a new composition. Method: each member records a minute of found sound each day for the 20 days preceding the event to be woven into an ambient tapestry into which s i n k will embroider a thread of live improvisation guiding the audience on a journey towards the present moment.

Sunday 3rd November 7.30pm :: Strange Attractor :: Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh

Strange Attractor flyer

S i n k are excited to present new work from old friends at this Strange Attractor. Jemima Thewes’ powerful and haunting vocals, stripped of Kuchka and clothed in the threads of Tim Lane’s tuned percussion are showcased in a set of new songs, Orchestra Del Sol’s shaman fiddler Tom Adams will guide an improvisation of mystery and wonder and Bobók percussion man Oscar Mannoni, quite possibly stripped of his shirt as well as his band, will perform solo while having his drum kit removed piece by piece. Projected reproductions of Sarah Roberts’ collaborations with paint and slime mould will be ‘explained’ by the artist herself.

Wednesday 25th September 7.30pm :: Strange Attractor :: Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh

Strange Attractor flyer

Only in this special Strange Attractor, Emily Nicholl and Ben Collis will acroballance, Kat Borrowdale will perform hoop and Will Borrell shall juggle. Cammy St. Clare and Sarah Phizacklea join s i n k on percussion and clarinet for some daring musical stunts and there are yet more performers to be announced. All proceeds go towards sending Emily and Ben to circus school in Spain.

Wednesday 21st August 11.30pm :: Strange Attractor :: Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh

We are very excited to be hosting and performing a badass festival showcase in a venue which could honestly have been made especially for us to play in. On the bill: World premier of ‘Moko and Loupe’, a masterful comic short film by Adrian Hornsby, with a score devised and performed live, ‘Dissection Bar’ conceived at the opening of the hall two summers ago now featuring the infamous Tim Lane on tuned percussion, physical and acoustic entanglement in collaboration with inspired dance artist Emma Snellgrove and lyrical, visceral, ecstatic sound like you’ve never heard before, woven together by an accordion, sax and violin.

Emma Snellgrove
Photo of Emma Snellgrove by Julien Pearly

Saturday 17th August :: Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, £5, 11pm – Late

A cornucopia of delightful sounds from 4 eclectic Edinburgh bands:

– s i n k – Opening the night with a one-off experimental set combining our traditional acoustic improvisation with an all-new electronic edge.

– Bonzai Quartet – Bringing together the best up and coming musicians from Edinburgh’s jazz scene, a totally original sound combining elements of jazz, funk, classical and folk music.

– Ulysses Jones – Edinburgh’s much-loved folk rockers will sprinkle some sweetness on the Henry’s stage. www.ulyssesjones.co.uk

– Wayward Jane – Banjo-pickin’, bass slappin’ old-timey bluegrass magic, guaranteed to keep you dancing till dawn.

Sunday 4th August :: Decagram :: Queens Hall, Edinburgh


Save this date – s i n k are talking to visionary music man Ed Stack about opening his epic ten-band ubergig in an improvised collaboration with electronic sound artist Charlie Knox.

Saturday 29th June 9.15pm :: Black Box Live :: Traverse 1, Edinburgh

Following the success of ‘Island Life’, two thirds of s i n k return to the filmhouse for a collaboration which promises to be quite special. As part of the EIFF, experimental artist and film maker Sami van Ingen will be performing ‘primaries’ in collaboration with Daniel Dumnov and Tim Vincent-Smith.


“Primaries gives cinema a purely visual form, a kind of fundamental visual poetry. It utilizes two modified 35mm film projectors, clear film, opaque film and three bottles of ink.”

Monday 24th June 8pm :: Reekie Linn :: Glasgow

s i n k and Bard coming to a house near you.


Wednesday 13th March :: Summerhall :: 7.30pm

The ‘Demonstration Room’ at Summerhall is a fantastical space – echoing taps, peeling paint, tiered oak seating and a chain hanging from the ceiling above a drain in the centre of the floor – waiting to be filled with words, music, forms, images and perceivers.

Filmpoems by Low Def favourite Alastair Cook, sculptural installations by Kirsty Louise Jones, music by s i n k.

Saturday 2nd February :: SoundProof festival Forest Cafe :: 8pm

As the accoustic salad to the meat sandwich that is the ‘SoundProof’ digi-experimenti-fest, s i n k join an electric line up in celebrating the barely legal inauguration of the basement of the Forest Cafe as a performance space, adding loops, synthesisers and an oscilloscope harmonograph to their sound generation arsenal.

Saturday 12th January :: Out of the Blue Drillhall Cafe :: 11am

We’re coming back to the Drill Hall to celebrate 5 years of The Sound of Muesli musical brunch, along with a host of some of the many fantastic acts to have appeared there over the years.

Drill Hall Arts Café, Out of the Blue
4 Dalmeny Street , Leith

Sunday 6th January :: Edinburgh Filmhouse :: 6.30pm

A diverse selection of short silent films from the Scottish Screen Archive will be accompanied by live improvised music from s i n k. Thematically linked by the Scottish Western Isles, the films will inspire and delight in a nautical vein. Follow this link for details.

Saturday 27th October :: Alchemy Film Festival :: Hawick

The dark and strange words of Rodney Relaxed, disconcerting visuals of Mettje Huneman and spinning chance music of s i n k go boarderswards.

Saturday 29th September :: Hidden Gardens :: Glasgow

Unity Center will be launching their book telling the stories of refugees and asylum seekers with interviews, illustrations and photographs. s i n k will be making good sounds with their instruments.

Sunday 26th August :: 9pm :: Attic Sessions

At a secret location in Marchmont, with the gently extraordinary Fish to Fry. Invitation only. If you would like to be invited text ‘Dave’ to 07962428333 or click Faceburk.

Thanks to Andy and Storm here is a film of 12347.

Monday 20th – Saturday 25th August:: 11am :: Power Shuffle

This show promises a spontaneous explosion of movement and acrobalancing battle style. Written, devised and directed by Michael Ritchie and the VoiceBox theatre company. Original soundtrack by s i n k.

TheSpace@North Bridge, Theatre 2, Venue 36.

Saturday 11th August :: 9pm :: Forest Cafe :: Opening Party

Under the sign that says ‘Tollcross’ on a corner of Tollcross the heart of the Edinburgh underground overground scene is about to start beating again. The Forest, father and mother to so many artistic ventures over more than a decade (Sink played their first ever gig there) reopens. Free entry. Bring your trumpet.

Saturday 11th August :: 11.30am :: Drill Hall Cafe :: The Sound of Muesli

Kippers. Coffee. Live music. We’re delighted to be playing at the Drill Hall in Leith as part of their monthly musical bruncheon. Come down for a relaxed morning of great food and beautiful music, Sink will be performing with special guests Cammy (drums) and Sarah Fiz (clarinet).

Drill Hall Arts Café, Out of the Blue
4 Dalmeny Street , Leith

Listen here.

Friday 10th August :: 6-7pm :: Summerhall

Pre-Balkanarama improvised s i n k sounds with the shifting sands of Atzi’s mellow cello on bass.

Friday 3rd August :: 8pm :: arts complex Summer Show :: Opening Party

VideoLaB make visual wonders and Sink make noises. Together with poets and performers they will weave a knees-up worthy of the opening night of what is shaping up to be an epic show at the arts complex. Free entry.

Level 3, arts complex, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

It was difficult for me to stay still
Julietta from Spain

Thank you to Cammy (drums), Sarah Fiz (clarinet), Rodney Relaxed (spoken word), Martin (electronica) and Peter (found sound). Footage of gig:

Sunday 3rd June – 1am- Knockengorroch Longhouse

Spectacular crowd pleasing improvisations in collaboration with Sarah Fizz on Clarinet, Camie on found kit, Atzi cello and Rich Trumpet. Recordings of this gig are in the works.

Thursday 12th April – 7.00 pm – Invisible Hand

Processes set in motion at Invisible Hand Opening and developed during two weeks of residency in gallery 1 will culminate in a live performance by Sink and guests. Follow the link above for details.

Gallery 1, arts complex, Edinburgh

I uploaded the video i made at the artcomplex, i loved the experience…


– with special guests Andy Moore (accoustic bass) and Tim Lane (kalimba thumb piano) Emma Snellgrove (movement) and Emily and Ben (acrobalance).

Friday 30th March 7.00 pm – Invisible Hand Opening, Gallery 1, arts complex, Edinburgh
Opening party for the debut show, part exhibition part residency, of Tim Vincent-Smith – contingent on his safe return from India. Free entry, free drinks, live music, kinetic sculpture and movement from Sink and guests.

Saturday 17th December – Landsdowne Church, Glasgow – 7.30pm til 10.00pm

Acrobalance collaboration at Aerial Edge christmas party

Wee Emily and partner Ben Collis defy gravity to improvised music that defies definition.
Information here.

Saturday 3rd December – 9.30 pm – The Peoples Cafe formerly known as the Forest, Edinburgh

Back to the roots of the Sink hole. Improvised collaboration with Bobok and others. Dancing round candles in the absence of furniture. Long live The Peoples Cafe

Tuesday 8th November 7-10pm – NeON Digaital Arts Festival PechaKucha

Fleet Collective, Chamber East, Panmure Street, Dundee, DD1 1ED

NEoN are pleased to present for the first time in Dundee, ‘PechaKucha’ night. Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of conversation (“chit chat”), it rests on a presentation format that is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds.

Speakers to be announced.

Sink to present rapid-fire improvisation.

Watch the performance


Thursday 3rd November 7.30 pm – Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-45 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SR

Once upon a universe. Josh will spin a yarn of the birth of everything while Sink improvise the sound of its soul taking form. Free entry. More details here.

Tuesday 25th October 8.00 pm – 42-43 Royal Park Terrace, Edinburgh, EH8 8JA

Sink are proud to join Greg Ashby in supporting a rare treat of a band – This Is The Kit performing at Douglas Robertson’s intimate, excellent music space.

This Is The Kit

You thought you didn’t like the banjo but you were wrong pal. Kate Stables rips forward with a hypnotic twang pattern and a voice of rare unaffected beauty.Accompanied by a backing-band of minimal psychedelia, This is the Kit will transport you to a warm bath in the middle of a forest.
Neil Smith – The Liftmen

Amazing amazing album which i think should have been on the mercury music awards short list
Guy Garvey

They are now working on their third album. come and see them play.


Greg Ashby

Greg Ashby – understated and arresting, Greg’s songs seem to win the hearts of all who hear them. His six-song eponymous CD is a stripped-down lyrical masterpiece, and features his mum on the violin.


The Adventures of Prince Achmed

This one is a gift.

In 1926 film making was akin to witchcraft and, as such, was ideally suited to illustrate the Arabian Nights upon which the story of this feature is loosely based. Lotte Reiniger and Carl Koch collaborated to create what is now widely believed to be the oldest surviving feature length animation and Sink are very excited to be creating a new live soundtrack for this exclusive performance. Tickets here.

Edinburgh Filmhouse Thursday 13th August 9pm


Debut Album ‘Ossicles’ Tour Dates

Ossicles tour poster

5 years in gestation, if you count from the fateful blind date that we first met, Sink are prouder than a three parent family with a miraculous first child to present their debut album ‘Ossicles’. Part crafted composition and part spontaneous improvisation it is a crystal grown from the seed of our live shows. In celebration of its manifestation in physical form (CD and MP3 – vinyl to follow) we will be touring visiting these choice venues:

Tue 2nd June –  The Prince Albert, Stroud – 8pm – Free
Rodborough Hill, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 3SS

Wed 3rd June –  The Albion Beatnik Bookshop, Oxford – £6
34 Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6AA

Fri 5th June – Turning Earth, London – 8.30pm – £8/£10
Buy your tickets here
Turning Earth Ceramics studio, Railway Arches 361-362, Whiston Rd, London E2 8BW

Sat 6th June – Cafe Kino, Bristol – 8pm – £6
108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, Avon BS1 3RU

Sun 7th June – Earthworm Housing Co op, Leintwardine – 7.30pm – Free
Wheatstone House, High Street, Leintwardine, Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7 0LH

Listen to a sneak preview track from the album here