PopUpOcalypse Album Pre-Release

PopUpOcalypse Front Cover

Digital pre-release now available on Bandcamp
with pre-order option for CD and Vinyl

Full Album Release and Launch Gig on 25 June 2021

The improvised, acoustic, instrumental triangle at the heart of S!nk expands, contracts and explodes on this April fools pre-release. Accordion, violin and saxophones are powerfully underpinned by acoustic bass and percussion opening space for vocals to rise and soar through seven contemporary songs.

Recorded with an ear for the true take by Tim Lane (Stables Project Studio) and buffed to a studio sheen by producer Marty Hailey (Metro 13 Music) this is a different face of S!nk to the site-specific explorations of deep water and deep time on their Hoy Sound EP or the pin-drop experimental acoustic lyricism of their 2015 debut Ossicles. Is this pop music?

All songs from PopUpOcalype were part of S!nk’s critically acclaimed 2018 and 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows at the Pianodrome, the world’s first hundred-seater theatre made from upcycled pianos. The band, the venue and the songs are distinct but intimately linked; born out of the same spirit of collaborative improvisation, playful experimentation and a love of the sound and feel of the things that we find.

S!nk live performance at the Pianodrome
photo : Chris Scott