Strange Attractor :: May 4th


Special Strange Attractor at St. Cecilia’s Hall

Die-hard fans of Sink will tell you that back in the day, 4 years ago, the very first Strange Attractor took place in St. Cecilia’s Hall, Niddry Street, Cowgate. It is hard to believe that such a fantastic acoustic venue can continue to be so well hidden in the heart of Edinburgh. In honour to the goddess of music from which the oval hall takes its name, members of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra Chorus will open the proceedings with part of Benjamin Britten’s setting of W. H. Auden’s poem Hymn to Saint Cecilia.

Two composer violinists with markedly different, not to say extra-ordinary, styles will follow: Misha Doumnov, frontman of Edinburgh big guns Bobok will present improvised work that springs from his twin taproot of impossible rhythmic constructions and augmented tonality and Kate Young aka Kate in the Kettle will play and sing wild melodies of her own devising with a giant lampshade on her head.

Along with improvised material accompanied by feedback visuals Sink will present a performance of ‘I AM IT’ written for them by Kate Young which will necessarily be a one-off given that their interpretation of the indeterminate elements of her score must be different each time it is played.

Richard Pinner, a Yorkshireman living in Japan, internet permitting and if his alarm succeeds in waking him up at 5am, will join us live via skype in the guise of his alter ego, ‘poet, environmentalist and fuckwit’, Stephen Prime.

Finally, John Raymond, for many years curator and tuner of the extensive collection of antique harpsichords and pianos at St. Cecilia’s, has very kindly agreed to elucidate J. S. Bach’s preferred (not equal) keyboard temperament as delineated by Bach in what for hundreds of years was dismissed as a decorative squiggle at the top of the frontispiece of a manuscript of his Well Tempered Clavier.

This one is not to be missed – tell your friends. Tickets are a snip at £5 on the door from 7pm. The concert is at 7.30pm Sunday 4th of May St. Cecilia’s Hall, Niddry Street, Cowgate.

Tickets £5 on the door